About African Child Press

Numerous studies indicate that children who speak their mother-tongue are more emotionally intelligent and more deeply stimulated intellectually, when compared to those who speak only a foreign language.

African Child Press was established to validate the experiences and lived realities of the African child as expressed in his indigenous language or mother-tongue. African Child Press is concerned with the publication of children’s books in as many African languages as possible.

At African Child Press, we envision an Africa where every child’s mother- tongue is invested with dignity, where the intellectual depth of every African language is explored through the widespread availability of high quality publications.

It is the vision of African Child Press that one day, every home, every school, every public or private child-centered space in Africa will be filled with an abundance of quality publications and resources in relevant African languages.

What Kind of Books do we Publish?

Broadly, African Child Press publishes non-fiction and fiction works. Broken down, we publish books and resources related, but not limited to:

  • African History: African Child Press publishes books on the ancient and modern history of Africa.
  • Science and Technology: African Child Press publishes books that emphasize Africa’s scientific breakthroughs and technological inventions dating as far back as available records indicate.
  • African Philosophy: African Child Press publishes books that  emphasize the ideas of renowned African leaders of thought, books that delve into meanings behind cultural practices and books that seek to unpack African sayings and proverbs etc.
  • Civil, Social, Cultural and Citizenship Education: African Child Press publishes books that are aimed at investing a sense of commitment to nation building in the African child.
  • Geography: African Child Press publishes books that seek to give the African child a clear sense of awareness of his immediate environment and that of the continent.
  • Religion: African Child Press recognizes that Africans are generally a deeply spiritual people; it hopes to acknowledge and validate the central and critical role played by religion in the raising of the African child. The organization is interested in the publication of children centered religious books in African languages, which seeks to promote peace, respect, tolerance, integrity and a sense of commitment to nation building.
  • Memoirs:  African Child Press is interested in publishing memoirs that capture the lived experiences of Africans as told by themselves. Examples include travel memoirs that emphasize the impression of Africans as they travel within and outside of the continent.
  • Autobiographies
  • Biographies
  • Child friendly cookbooks that focus on African recipes
  • Other works of creative non-fiction.


  • Historical fiction
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Science fiction


Many African communities value poetry. African Child Press is interested in publishing poems that depict legends, myths, oral history, and other forms of poetic expressions that hold deep cultural meanings for communities.

How do we Operate?

African Child Press operates with a new model of publishing that will suit the African clime:

First, African Child Press partners with governments, development partners, donors, public and private entities, and concerned individuals to publish books and online resources and make such widely available. This partnership can begin at the production stage and end at the distribution stage or can occur anywhere in-between.

Second, interested bookstores and schools can place a special order for steep discounts on books available on the African Child Press catalogue.

Third, African Child Press is working on an online store where books can be purchased directly by individuals. Books will also be available on amazon.com and other online book sellers.

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